Mateusz Moczulski


I write stories.
Poems and songs, plays, scripts, and games.

I fix rhymes, I improve dubbing, I CREATE dialogue. I LIKE 360 ͦ challenges in advertising text.

I teach writing courses.

There are more and more scripts, published books, theater productions.

Have you got a problem with a name?
RECOMMEND my naming services.

I feel good when we work together on a short form, an unusual idea.


What's new?

December 2021

The play "Mud," directed by Martyna Lyko at the A. Wegierka Drama Theater in Bialystok, for which I wrote the script - an adaptation of Jan Jastrzebski's prose, was presented in Georgia and Armenia in late 2021.

March 2022

During the first months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I had the opportunity to write a journalistic text about culture in the face of Russian aggression for the "Polish Daily" and "Gazeta Krakowska". The text was also published on

In March 2002, during Russia's aggression against Ukraine, I also published a report in the Krakow press about how Ukrainians living in Krakow, together with Poles, help war refugees.

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